Care Team of Wichita Falls, TX


About Our Company

As a true “family company”, our philosophy is to care for our clients as though they are family.  In fact, even some of our clients have been family!  This level of insight into all aspects of our business has translated into a more customer-centric approach to managing our company.  CareTeam has been providing excellent quality in-home care for over 40 years.  Never a franchise, we are consistently looking for ways to improve our clients’ service experience while maintaining our “locally-owned and operated” attitude.

A True “Family Business” in Wichita Falls…

Fam recving nom certificate

CareTeam is proud to be announced the winner of the 2014 Family Owned Business of the Year as presented by the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce!

CareTeam Founder, Ann Popejoy, first entered the home care business in Wichita Falls in 1972 with Alpha Nurses.  Later endeavors including the creation of CareTeam, which became a nationally-wide group of 32+ agencies across 15 states.  The company later evolved into North Texas Home Health and CarePartners, which enjoyed years of success in the 2000’s.

Continuing with her son and granddaughter, Ann turned her focus toward consulting and building home care agencies in the north Texas and Oklahoma region.  These agencies continue to grow and develop today.  In 2011, CareTeam of Wichita Falls was reopened for the purpose of bringing home care in Wichita Falls back to the golden standards enjoyed for so many years.

The CareTeam family members include Ann Popejoy (founder); her son, Greg Huffman (VP of Information Systems); and Greg’s daughter, Lacey Morgan (VP of Marketing).  The latest member of the family to join the “Team” is Greg’s son, Colby Huffman, who is the Branch Manager of the Wichita Falls location.  Colby was honored in the annual “20 Under 40” of Wichita Falls in 2013.

The CareTeam family members together have over 75 years of experience in the home health care field and are very passionate about providing quality care to our clients.