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An Introduction to Senior Care…

Senior Care is one of the most essential elements of health care.  The art and science of senior care involves strategically finding the right care setting and caregiver in order to preserve senior adults’ independence and give their family peace of mind.

So, whether your loved one already needs care or you’re making plans for the future, you’ll need to understand the different senior care settings and caregivers to make the right choices.

3-Step Senior Care Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to give you the basics of senior care in ten easy lessons.  After you’ve finished, you’ll get recommendations for professional caregivers, plus links to tutorials on selecting caregivers and the must have senior care documents.

  1. Overview of Alternatives
  2. How to Select Great Caregivers
  3. Paying for Care

Must-Have Senior Care Documents

There’s a group of senior care documents and legal forms that you absolutely must have in place.  The problem is, to assemble these documents, you typically have to scan dozens of websites and worry that you’re only going to find old documents.  We’ve compiled the Key Life & Legal Documents for Seniors to put everything at your fingertips.