Care Team of Wichita Falls, TX


Around the Clock (24/7) Care

Depending on your situation, some clients want to have a personal caregiver in their home with them at all times, day and night.  CareTeam specializes in around the clock care.  You have two choices for how we can schedule around the clock service for you:

Typically, clients who want around the clock care want the caregivers to be awake and available to them at any hour of day or night.  For this situation, we use a core team of caregivers who will work shifts to cover all times of day, and the ladies will be up and alert at all times during all shifts.  You will always have the same team of caregivers, who will be familiar with your routines and preferences.

An alternative and more cost-effective method (if the client’s situation permits it) is to use “sleep overs” at nighttime.  The daytime caregivers will remain awake at all times like a typical shift; but with a sleep over caregiver, she is allowed to snooze on a couch or chair, but is available to be called upon for nighttime needs.

Call us if you think you may need around the clock care for yourself or a loved one.  We can help determine the best schedule for you.  It is always free to talk, and we also offer a free in-home consultation!  (940) 723-5273