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The Ashby Memory Method

CareTeam presents “Brain Fitness”, a program developed in conjunction with the Ashby Memory Method.  This is an effective, practical program to help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms, age-related memory challenges or brain injury memory loss caused by trauma or stroke.  This will soon become your favorite 2 hours of the week!

What Is the Ashby Memory Method?

The Ashby Memory Method is a system of therapeutic activities designed to encourage brain stimulation.  Developed by a doctor, the program has shown proven results for reining in (and in some cases reversing) the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other mental challenges.  The therapy is…

  • Administered twice a week in one-hour sessions
  • Non-invasive: no medications, no adverse effects
  • Can be used with or without doctor’s prescribed medications
  • Hands-on activity-based, no computer software to learn
  • Research proven results: consistently shows improvements in 8 weeks
  • Fun!  Therapy activities are designed around the client’s likes and interests.  It’s all about them and it’s enjoyable!


Research on the human brain tells us that our memories are not stored in a very orderly way, but are instead “broken up” into pieces.  A good way to illustrate this is to think about a lemon. The taste of the lemon is stored in one area of your brain, while the shape and size are stored in another, and the color and smell are stored in yet another.  When you are remembering a lemon you are actually “assembling” the memory from a number of different areas of your brain.

 The Ashby Memory Method builds on this fact by stimulating the process of “connecting the dots”, training the brain to build memory bridges using a client-centered program of structured cognitive exercises.

Who Can Benefit?

The AMM is suitable for individuals with mental inhibitions such as:

  • Early to mid stages of Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Enclosed head injury
  • Brain injury due to stroke
  • Noticeably slower mental processing
  • Age-related mental challenges

Clients and their families both have given testimonials about how the AMM has improved their lives.  Families notice their loved ones become happier and show significant improvements in their memory recall.

Hear What Some Participants Have Said:

“My impression is that although his understanding is limited as to the real intent of the program training, he is very pleased at receiving this kind of attention!”  –  J.H.

“My mom tells me how much she looks forward to the sessions.  I have seen my mom celebrate and talk about things that were important in her life, aside from family.  But the best gift of all is what my mother said to the therapist when we asked if she felt any value from the sessions.  My mom said ‘I don’t feel lost anymore.’  ”  – B.B.

“Mrs. H. has just blossomed since we started.  She is able to focus more, wants to participate, and has a great time.  As we do these modules, I ask questions, which leads to reminiscing and much more!”  –  an Ashby Facilitator

Do Something Today To Protect Your Memory Tomorrow!

We invite you to learn more about the Ashby Memory Method – and see why we believe in this revolutionary therapy.  You can visit the Ashby website at for more information and testimonials.  Or call our office to talk to an Ashby Memory Method expert today!