Care Team of Wichita Falls, TX


Fall Prevention Program

Over half a million slip/fall injuries requiring hospital care occur in the U.S. each year.  In fact, older adults are hospitalized five times more often for falls than for any other causes.  Falls can create clinical complexities due to interacting effects of age-related changes, illnesses, and disease processes.

How our Fall Prevention program can help:

CareTeam goes beyond fall recovery to focus on fall prevention.  The goal of the program is to reduce falls and injuries in the home and to promote independence.  By being in the home with the client during daily activities, CareTeam can help significantly reduce the chance of falls and injuries.

The Fall-Prevention Program includes:

  • Fall Assessment –  Each client’s lifestyle and environment will be assessed to identify and remedy potential fall hazards.
  • Fall Prevention Care Plan –  All clients will be assigned a Care Plan specifically developed for their unique fall-prevention needs.
  • Fall Investigation –  If a fall does occur, it will be investigated thoroughly, and action will be taken to eliminate the cause of the fall.
  • Fall Prevention Tips & Exercises –  Along with complete tips for avoiding falls throughout all areas in the home, our program also implements exercise techniques to strengthen muscles needed for balance.

Call to arrange for CareTeam’s Fall Prevention services today.  This service can be combined with any of our other in-home services to complete your perfect Plan of Care!