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Family Members

youngercaregiverHaving an aging family member can be very stressful.  You worry about whether or not they are receiving the attention they deserve.  And you can feel the guilt creep up when you can’t be there for them all the time.

We want you to take comfort in CareTeam, knowing that our employees will become not only a first-rate caregiver to your loved one—but also a friend and companion.

Talk to Your Loved One

Make sure you focus on what they feel are their real issues, not just what others think are the concerns.  They will be much more accepting of your concerns and wishes if they tie into their own concerns.  Keep all your discussions positive.  Treat them as an equal – don’t parent!  And remember: let your loved one make their own decisions.  Your job is to help them make those decisions, not to make them for them.

Before having a family discussion, it is often wise to first have the rest of the family meet as a group prior to having the loved one attend a family meeting.  This will give the family an opportunity to unite in their thoughts, which will help to show your loved one that all of you are concerned about similar issues.  The statement “strength in numbers” certainly does apply here!

After having the initial family meeting with your loved one, and everyone has had the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts, gently suggest that they make an appointment with their physician to have a thorough evaluation.  Don’t nag them about this, simply plant the seed and let it germinate.  This professional (and unbiased!) evaluation can go a long way in helping them decide that they could use some assistance in their home.

Finally, be direct and speak with them about having a home care agency come out and meet with them.  This will allow your loved one to get a sense of exactly what such an agency can do for them.  Focus this meeting on what a caregiver from an agency can do for them: be specific about the tasks a caregiver will and won’t perform. Let your loved one know that they are still in control and that the home care process can add significantly to everyone’s peace of mind.

Make the Decision Easier…

Here is a simple Care Comparison Checklist that might be handy when you’re comparing multiple options of care for a loved one.  Whether you’re looking to choose between several home care agencies, or even considering an assisted living or nursing home facility, these are some very important things to think about and compare.  And as always, if you have any questions or just need someone to have a no-pressure conversation with– you can call us anytime!

Are You Acting As a “Caregiver” For a Family Member?

Are you acting as a “caregiver” for a family member or loved one?  Visit the National Family Caregivers Association website for some tips and information.

You should also know that the state of Oklahoma offers a Respite Voucher Program, which covers the cost of home care for a short period of time so the family caregiver can take a reprieve. Click here for more about this program and to learn how to apply.

Worried About the Cost of Home Care?

It may sound like there is a huge cost associated with private home care, but that just is not the case!  There are many creative ways to build a service schedule that will fit within any budget.  Additionally, there are some sources of financial coverage for private pay home care.  Click here to see a list of alterantive payor sources for private home care!

Please call our office to speak to a CareTeam representative about your situation and how CareTeam can help.  We are available anytime, 24/7 — or you can submit your inquiry through our secure web portal.  Just click the “Request More Info” link to the right.