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Living Facilities

Home is where the heart is!  And we know how important it is for residents to be comfortable in their own homes.  A living facility is a great place to stay — neighbors become best friends, and residents have assurance in knowing they are never alone.

But sometimes a resident may need a little extra help, even in a living facility.  CareTeam provides services to residents in assisted and independent living facilities that are not otherwise offered by the facility.  Our aim is to make daily living simple and comfortable.

Move-in Transition and Stabilization

As your client moves into a new home, we can give assistance while they adjust to the changes.  We can make arrangements from just a few hours to around-the-clock care during the first few weeks of the transition.

Quality of Life Enhancement

Allow us the pleasure of helping your clients enjoy life.  CareTeam provides many programs such as “Dream Day” that enables your clients to spend their day doing something really special.  These days include activities like visiting with family for a holiday, a day of fun shopping, or a lunch outing to their favorite restaurant.  In addition, we may provide assistance that your facility does not offer, which can help you keep residents who might otherwise need to move to a more intensive-care facility.

Change of Condition Assistance

Some of the hardest parts of dealing with age are changes.  Certain changes, such as a fall, stroke, moving to a new home, or the onset of a new condition can be detrimental to a patient’s health if not handled correctly.  Our services can be designed to provide extra care that specifically deals with managing and overcoming such life changes.

Transportation and Accompaniment Services

CareTeam wants your clients not only to maintain a healthy physical life, but also a healthy social life.  Whether it is a short shopping outing or a visit to a friend or relative, our transportation and accompaniment services allow clients the chance to get outdoors and enjoy living.

Assistance with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Care

We can help you overcome the obstacle of staffing your facility.  Our caregivers are qualified to care for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients, and are available for staffing anytime you need some extra help.  We can manage the unpredictability of dementia and prevent discharge as the result of a resident’s mental decline.  We also offer a unique program for Alzheimer’s and dementia recovery:  the Ashby Memory Method.  More information about this ground-breaking therapy program is available.

Post-hospitalization Recovery Assistance

Our caregivers understand the stress of recovering from a hospitalization. We can provide the necessary care for post-hospital and post-surgical patients to be able to come back to a comfortable lifestyle quickly.

To refer a resident to CareTeam for services, please call our office anytime, or submit the information via our secure web portal.  Just click the “Request More Info” link to the right!