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A CareTeam Exclusive Service: Care Management

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Nurse_Amy_2_CareTeamCareTeam is unlike any other agency:  our clients is assigned their own personal Care Manager from our staff to oversee and coordinate services with other healthcare providers.  Our clients can call their Care Manager anytime – at no charge – to visit about health other life issues.  And the best part is that this service is available to every CareTeam client!

So what exactly is the Care Management service?  CareTeam takes caring at home to the next level.  It is more than simply caring for clients’ physical well-being at home.  Our Care Managers can act as the first point of contact to troubleshoot life’s daily issues and needs of our home care clients.  Here are some of the services our Care Managers arrange for you:

  • Coordinate care with other healthcare providers (doctors, clinics, specialists, etc.)
  • Ensure clients attend all scheduled health appointments, and arrange the transportation when needed
  • Medication management, which includes monitoring, setup, dispensing, ordering and picking up refills
  • Arrange necessary home maintenance and services
  • Provide need skilled nursing treatments, as ordered by your physician (performed by our staff RN Care Manager)
  • Perform a home safety check for fall prevention and other safety hazards in the home
  • Routine communication reports to family, physicians, trusted advisors, etc., per request
  • Arrange disease management programs for chronic illnesses

No matter how tough you or your loved one’s situation may be, CareTeam specializes in highly-involved cases.  We have extensive experience in working with clients that have challenging family dynamics, difficult medical complications, mental health challenges, long distance family or no family, any age or disability, couples and individuals.


CareTeam’s clients decide on the services they want and need, and they can build their customized service schedule to meet those needs and stay exactly within a budget.  Services offered range from simple assistance around the home (light housekeeping, shopping or errands, or cooking) to personal and nursing (assistance with bathing and grooming, dressing, wound care, and medication assistance).

Whether you or a loved one needs someone to come stay with you just a few hours a week, or several hours a day—CareTeam can do that.  If you need a break from caring for a loved one, and just want someone to help out for a few days as a one-time thing—CareTeam can do that, too.  Remember, with private duty services, the client is in control of when a caregiver works.  There is no case too large or too small; CareTeam can cover anything you need.

CareTeam is the only private duty home care agency in the area providing Care Management services.  We have an office staff of Care Managers with a variety of backgrounds, including and RN and a home care Administrator with over 10 years of experience in the business. Our company has been helping seniors in the Wichita Falls area for over 40 years.

Do you know of a senior adult in our community who is beginning to face the challenges of aging?  CareTeam’s goal as a preferred provider of in-home assistance, is to give our clients the extra help they need to stay in their own homes—happy, comfortable, and independent.