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Paying for Senior Care

Do you feel like you’ve worked too hard and saved too diligently to spend every last penny of your nest egg on senior care? Does it seem like some people have found government, insurance or veterans programs available to help pay for care, while you’re stuck floating the entire bill?  It may be tempting to say those people were lucky to find senior care funding. The truth is, those “lucky” people just knew what they were looking for.

All Home Healthcare Programs Are Not Created Equal!

There are many types of in-home care options available:  Medicare Home Health, Medicaid Community Services, and Private Pay Home Care.  Below is a chart that compares the various types of home healthcare, and shows you what requirements are necessary to qualify for coverage.

So What Is the Cost of Private Duty Home Care?

Private home care really is an affordable alternative option health care.  Because CareTeam has no minimum scheduling requirements, and because we offer so many different service options, we can work with you to fit quality care into almost any budget!

In addition to private-pay, our services may be covered by some other financial assistance and benefits sources. If you need in-home care (which is what CareTeam provides) and you are a Veteran or have Long Term Care Insurance, you may be able to access money to help pay for senior care.  You just need to know where to look.  Read about other financial assistance and benefit sources for private home care.