Care Team of Wichita Falls, TX



Our caregiver, Sarah, is always on time, very attentive to our needs, and always has a smile.

VA client since 2017

Thank you so much!!  Do not know what [Mr. H] would have done if it had not been for each of you.

friend of client since 2018

… I cannot stress enough how much Adrian brightens my day –  I look forward to Wednesday morning for my Friend to come over…  She has helped me deal with the death of my husband, and I do appreciate it.  I’m not certain about how to set her up for Sainthood, but I might look into it!!

Jo Woolsey, client since 2016

I needed help fast and CareTeam was there.  They came in – professional and efficient – seeing to my every need.  It was almost like having your family take care of you.  They cheered me up and cheered me on.  CareTeam is a wonderful group.  I tell all my friends about CareTeam.

Ms. Kerbow, client since 2012Wichita Falls, TX