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Assistance With Home Care Costs

It may sound like there is a huge cost associated with private home care, but that just is not the case!  Private home care really is an affordable alternative option health care.  Because CareTeam has no minimum scheduling requirements, and because we offer so many different service options, we can work with you to fit quality care into almost any budget!

There are many creative ways to build a service schedule that will fit within any budget.  Here are some sources of financial coverage for private pay home care that may apply to your situation and help minimize your home care cost:


Long  Term Care Insurance

Many Long Term Care insurance policies provide for coverage of in-home medical care.  As with all policies, the requirements and the benefits paid vary from provider to provider.  In general, most long-term care policies will require one or more of the following:

  • A doctor’s order is usually required.
  • The patient’s needs usually require a skilled caregiver (i.e., Certified Home Health Aide , LPN, or RN).
  • Most policies spell out the amount of coverage offered.  For example, up to a given dollar amount a day, or up to a given number of service hours a week.  Check with your agent for your coverage.
  • Most policies require that the service be performed by a licensed agency.
  • There is usually an elimination period, so start working with your agent today.

CareTeam will file the necessary paperwork with your insurance company on your behalf.  Any money paid by your policy will be issued to you, and you will be responsible for your invoice from CareTeam.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about using long term care insurance for our services.  Give us all call anytime!


Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran’s of the U.S. Armed Forces may qualify for a special Disability Pension Benefit that can be used to cover some of the costs of home care.  This benefit is often referred to as the “Aid and Attendance Allowance”.

There are several qualifications one must meet to receive these benefits.  Click here for information outlining he qualifications and benefits offered.  And of course, more information is available online at  Search for “Disability Pension”.


Other Sources

Other common sources of payment for private home care:

  • Trust funds
  • Pensions (read about the Pension Protection Act, effective Jan 1, 2010, which provides a tax benefit to those who use this money for qualifying long term care.)
  • Other savings or investment accounts
  • Life insurance policies (visit Life Care Funding for help!)
  • Family members who pitch in together
  • Reverse mortgages


Always Remember…

If Price Were All That Mattered…

  • No one would have cable or satellite TV
  • The seat every fan fights for would be the last row in the stadium
  • No one would own an Apple iPhone, iPod, or computer
  • You would always drink your water from the faucet
  • Starbucks wouldn’t have poured a single cut of coffee
  • The toilet paper in your bathroom would be single-ply sandpaper

Deciding which home care provider to use is a big choice!  There is a lot to think about besides price.  Variation in quality of care from one provider to the next is a big deal.  Choosing can be a mentally anguishing experience, as well as the need to feel that emotional comfort with the decision you make!

Before you settle on the lowest-price provider, keep in mind that there is often a reason that one service sells at a lower rate than others.  CareTeam prides itself in being able to offer the highest level of quality at an affordable price.  Please give us a call to discuss how we can make private home care fit your budget!